Summit Express


Taking Dixieland

To New Heights


“You are a GREAT bunch of fine musicians of Central Oregon, bringing ‘Happy, Laughing and Scratching’ to the folks in your area.  Keep up the good work spreading Trad Jazz.” - Gary Lamb

"Even if you've never heard dixieland jazz before, one listen and you'll be clapping your hands and tapping your feet to this six pack of top notch musicians.  Young or old, you'll find their music fun and engaging and sure to make you smile. " - Jefferson

"If you can't have fun watching these guys play, you should make an 

appointment with your therapist!" -Kevin

"The most fun you can have with Dixieland outside New Orleans!"-Brian


Taking Dixieland Jazz To New Heights is a fitting slogan for this high energy band from Bend,Oregon. All of these versatile musicians are equally at home in the Symphony playing Beethoven as they are on the street corner playing Louis Armstrong.

The magic with this group exists in the the way they interact with the audience. Humor and the unexpected play a big part in the show. No one plays Folsom Prison Blues like this band. Look for them soon at a venue near you. Better yet, contact that venue and tell them that you want Summit Express Jazz Band.


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